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Basically, I make a living out of being an interpreter. Want to know more about my not-so-professional abilities? Click here

I have worked on other things that gyrate around writing, filmmaking, and even art, but keep reading and you'll get the gist...


American Sign Language Interpreter/Performer

Disney Cruise Line/ASL Services

December 2016 to Present

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter/performer for miscellaneous shows and events on the various Disney Cruise Line ships.

Article Writer

August 2016 to March 2017

Writer of pop-culture content for the GeekFeed website.


Video Relay Service (VRS) ASL/Spanish interpreter

Global VRS - Long Beach, CA

February 2016 to Present

American Sign language (ASL) interpreter for video calls on a video relay service (VRS).

English/Mexican Sign Language Translator

La Torre del Vigia A.R. - Ciudad de México, D. F.

March 2012 to January 2016

Part of one of the many teams that translates English literature into Mexican Sign Language (LSM) videos.


La Torre del Vigia A.R. - Ciudad de México, D. F.

May 2015 to September 2015

Responsibilities: I worked as a cameraman, shot designer, managed lighting, worked on the storyboarding, and was a consultant in various film projects for the company.

Accomplishments: Learned to work with Final Cut Pro X, various professional video cameras and miscellaneous recording equipment. I also had hands-on experience on a professional sound stage.

Skills Used: While I was not the director of said film, I did assist the director in organizing and instructing actors and crew. 

Mexican & American Sign Language/Spanish/English Interpreter

CIESAS - Ciudad de México, D. F.

September 2015

Interpreter for the two-day CIESAS event "Emerging Indigenous Sign Languages" During the event I worked interpreting from English, Spanish, and American Sign Language discourses to a Mexican Sign Language, Spanish, English and American Sign Language speaking audience. 

Spanish/Mexican Sign Language Interpreter

UNICEF/IPPLIAP - Ciudad de México, D. F.

June 2013

Responsibilities: Interpreted for "The One Minute Jr." project with deaf elementary students of the Mexican school IPPLIAP. 

Event Intern/Press/Production Assistant

Whiskey Media - San Francisco, CA

July 2010 to March 2012

Entertainment events (ex: San Diego Comic Con, Wonder Con, Anime Expo, Long Beach Comic Con, etc.) intern for Whiskey Media sites and This included written and video coverage for the websites.


American Sign Language Interpreter/Performer

Disneyland Resort/ASL Services - Anaheim, CA

May 2010 to January 2012

Responsibilities: American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter/performer for miscellaneous rides, parades and shows at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Accomplishments: I learned to work along a large team of people and under an instructor who would choreograph our movements, signs and sometimes dancing for each show.

Skills Used: Performance skills were needed to accomplish this job. Interacted with guests at the venues performed.


International Sign Language Interpreter

Bilingual Education Model for Deaf Children Seminar SEÑALEES - Ciudad de México, D. F.

June 2009 to June 2016

Responsibilities: A yearly week event where international speakers would need interpretation services in various languages. Mainly, Mexican and American Sign Languages. I specifically worked with the deaf teachers, speakers, event coordinators, and sponsors to make sure communication was successful.

Accomplishments: In two of the events, I had to learn basic language skills in both Spanish and Catalan Sign Languages.

Skills Used: Interpreted for a wide audience and collaborated with a large group of interpreters during each seminar where teamwork was tested to be as productive as possible.

Video Relay Interpreter

Tijuana SVR - Tijuana, B.C.

2008 to 2009

Sign language interpreter (both ASL and LSM) for video calls on a video relay service (VRS).


Pencil Drawing (+10 years)

Writing (+7 years)

Internet Media Personality (Blogger and Vlogger) (7 years)

I have organizational skills

I have coordinated video shoots that include 80+ cast and crew members.


Mexican Sign Language

American Sign Language



Not in that particular order.

Long story short: Family is eclectic that way.


Certificate/Diplomat in Spanish/Mexican Sign Language Interpreting

Universidad Autonoma de Baja California - Tijuana, B.C.

2005 to 2006

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