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Why was Geo here?

So, let's try this Blogging thing again...

Hi, my name is Geovanny, Geo for short, and I'm a weird person. Opposed to popular belief, this is not, in any way, a self-deprecating comment. I don't consider weird being a negative. I always like to say:

"In a world of weirdos, the normal are weird"

I stick to that statement by surrounding myself with the weirdest of folk. Hopefully, my friends agree with me. Now, one of the weird-- let's call it quirks-- one of the weird quirks I have is to write "Geo was here!" any chance I get. Why? Honestly, I copied it off a kid who I went to elementary school with. Back when we were signing our 4th grade yearbooks, one of my classmates wrote "<His name> was here" in various pages of our yearbooks as a replacement for the unsentimental sentiment everybody hypocritically signed. I thought it was a great idea to do this on kid's yearbooks. Especially in those who were not deemed friends of mine.

Now, this isn't just me randomly writing the same sentence; there are parameters to it. Back in grade school it all started with me writing "Geovanny was here" but it slowly became "Geo was here". Then it went from me writing it to me artistically designing it. Over the years I played with it so much it became a few different things. Sometimes I would write it on my drawings; sometimes I would use different fonts for each word. Then it just became a staple of mine to find creative ways to write it in other's notebooks, on chalkboards, and so on as a self-promoting production.

This, in turn, became a distinctive thing I was known for. People who have interacted with me in person know of this quirk. To the point that it created an inside joke among me and my friends. Now, internet, if you'd like to get in on the joke, write on a piece of paper "Geo was NOT here". Now take a picture and send it to me. It's okay, I'll wait...

I have an international group of friends, and they all like to travel. So, whenever they travel to far-off kingdoms, and lands far far away (if they think of me) they will write "Geo was NOT here" somewhere. What does this mean? Just that they're missing my amazing presence in their travels. Okay, no... They're rubbing it in my face that they're there and I'm not.

So that should explain the phrase "Geo was here!". I will continue to write it in random places where you least expect it. Look for it..

Um... Bye?

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