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Cover #1-3 Review

Brian Michael Bendis' Cover successfully, and amazingly, describes any comic book creator's wish fulfillment. For starters, what caught my eye about the comic was David Mack's cover art which is usually found on variant covers; it was a pleasant surprise to see that same art in consecutive storytelling. This new Jinxworld banner Bendis' releasing continues to put out very interesting ideas on print.

The story mirrors that same level of wishful thinking certain novels creates in readers. The way Harry Potter fans are waiting for their invitation to Hogwarts or kids who like chocolate wish they'd find a golden ticket in their chocolate bar. I'd imagine this is something the people behind the comics we read would like to become a reality. The plot revolves around Max Fields, a comic book creator who gets recruited as a spy to fulfill missions as a comic book creator making appearances in comic book conventions. This story, while far-fetched at first glance, can be very much grounded in reality. The main character doesn't suddenly have abilities he didn't train for and is limited (not in any negative way) to his strengths and skills. He travels the world to be recognized for his very successful comic book work, but gets manipulated to use this trade to complete a series of minor tasks that then resolve in helping government spies. When trying to describe on paper it sounds convoluted, but I promise it's not.

I wouldn’t say I’m a comic book savant since I haven’t been reading as long or as extensively as others, but I did some work in conventions for a time and there’s so much in these first three issues that resonate with me. How cool would it be to take part in a plot that mirrors the medium you entertain with?! That's what this innovative writing provides, something that there’s not a lot of lately. Oh, and the art! Gorgeous art that screams simplicity and simultaneously deserves to be framed for its intricate “art is subjective” nature. My favorite is how Max’s outline is shown as he works on his comic.

I feel like this book has set a really high bar for the rest of comic books out there. I just found out the story arc will conclude on issue six, so I'm excited to see how this develops more now that half of the story is out for the world to enjoy. I can't wait for this to be picked up by a major studio to be made into a movie. If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favor and read the first three issues.

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